Capricorn horoscope xstrology

Are quietly romantic, you're very lucky if you manage to get one to fall in love with you. Aren't into over dramatic displays of affection. Simply holding your hand is fine with them. Yes, holding hand makes us in peace Are control freaks. Are truly fun loving people once you get past their rough exterior. Are very goal oriented individuals. Yes, yes, yes i am. Chooses their friends wisely. Dificult to have an understanding one exactly.. Flirtation is very polished as if they've done it a thousand times. Can't deal with people who don't function well in a crisis. Of course we're always in crisis too, no room for another one, hohoho Loves money.

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It'd assure them that their work is worth every bit of it. Are undercover freaks. Loves a good argument because they usually end up winning because they know their facts.

Will go to extreme lengths to prove their point. We're not loser, we prove it!!

Visionary / Prophet / Traveller

Are stubborn. The full moon in Pisces on Friday, September 13 brings out your romantic, animalistic, and creative side.