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Neptune is the planetary ruler of your sign, but as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, Neptune lends you two helpings of its planetary power. Neptune's influence can bet witnessed in your vision, sensitivity and compassion.

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Your unique planetary influences makes you more of a natural romantic than other Pisces Decans. You combine your imagination and emotional understanding to form an appreciation for love and poetic beauty.

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At times, you are so open and loving that it leaves you vulnerable to be taken advantage of. Luckily, you do not let bad experiences dampen your positive world outlook. In love, find a partner that shares in your positive and trusting mindset, as this will bring you the greatest fulfillment. While finding the right career is a daunting challenge, take refuge in the fact that your natural abilities are well-suited for a variety of careers.

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Your gifts for communication and understanding could be a welcome addition to the world of business, public relations or commerce. On the other hand, your compassionate nature may lead you to success in teaching, politics or social reform. You may find that your imagination and natural warmth is a perfect fit for writing, media or journalism, which was the path of Erma Bombeck, who was also born on February 21st. If the world of entertainment is alluring, you may find success in film or television, such was the case for Jennifer Love Hewitt, another of your celebrity birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a petrified forest. Although many trends come and go in society, there are some aspects of culture that are indestructible. Remember that among the indestructible aspects of your life are your past achievements. Here are a few Pisces celebrities born on February 21st and their past or present romantic connections:.

The Moon leaves the sign of Virgo this morning, and the energy continues to bring about healing and a critical analysis throughout the entire Pisces Sun transit. Today, as the Moon enters Lbra, friendships may appear from the past that open the door to new insights and closeness. There can be life lessons explored in community that helps to expose exactly the type of healing and help that you need, and will receive this year.

If you're concerned about the future, it's better to approach matters openly.

Chances are, things may work out by the end of the day due to your candid approach. Prepare for some success later this week. L etting go of old habits that die hard is less a challenge than it once was and now you realize that it's time to let one more go. You may notice a sense of balance in your activities.

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Love Compatibility

A situation improves and your family may have something to do with it. Expect to release a lot of stress by the end of the day. You may find your schedule a little packed and it's time to let go of what you don't need.

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  • A simple message comes to you in the most unusual way, and it could be on social media. You may find that your sense of purpose conflicts with your relationship and this triggers the realization.

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    Your inner voice speaks loudly to you today and gives you a flash of insight that you need to pay attention to. A gift is coming your way and it could be more spiritual than physical from a soulmate. It's time for you to replenish time lost with a personal friend whom you used to be close to and just fell out of touch with. You find yourself giving more attention to the things you used to find difficult and others are taking notice of your new skills.

    Confidence and self-esteem grows by the end of the day giving you a boost to be ahead tomorrow. Your inspirational side helps others during a difficult time when you share your own struggles and dreams. A spiritual purpose is about to unfold for you and a deep lesson comes but you're ready. A change in circumstances offsets your plans and even though it's not what you had envisioned, it's better than you had hoped.

    Your leadership skills rise to the occasion.

    The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

    You were once perceived as a follower, but today, you're much more. Your personality is contagious and someone you don't know is taking notice as it encourages their own journey. There's a path you need to follow that's opening soon.