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These people are stone on the outside, squishy on the inside. What I mean by that is unless you are really close friends to these kinds of people, you will never see their true inner self.

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The Lucky Item, the Dowsing Machine, seems to reflect that you must find their secrets to truely know them. Holding Braviary, its kinda obvious that these kinds of people are very brave and will defend their friends, no matter what cost.

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These people are also very willing to take risks and are a great role model. These types of people are a quiet bunch, but they think big thoughts and could use some friends to share them with. This lucky item reflects that Gothorita type people need communication. The Lampent Group of people are patient, waiting for a moment in the spotlight.

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When the time comes, they take the stage and blow everyone away. The Lucky Item, The Choice Scarf, possibly means that these kinds of people have a certain skill they excel at. These kinds of people are quick to make an action, improvising everything, making them pretty decisive. Like Bouffalants, they have a strong will, but to win.

White Herbs negate any stat debuffs, this could mean that these types of people desire to win at full power. Fraxure people are diligent in their work, no matter what. Always inspiring to become better and sharpening their skills. This took like 4 hours to write and I am curious about what your Unova Horoscope is!

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Write a little bit about that in the comment section! But remember that I am not an expert on this kind of stuff and tell me if I trashed a description or something!

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I want to see your opinions on the horoscope and your descriptions as well! By the way, my symbol is Gothorita. See you guys tomorrow! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. January: Sawsbuck.

Likes Comments I am a soulmate to my Pisces man and it capability of something with Pisces person. So I am glad to be Scorpio. Dmhaggard - Dec 9: Yo, this is legit. These are totally all me. I had to screenshot some of these.

Archer - Dec 1: I'm an actual cat xD some things in this article i just want to send to my friends so bad! This is me all over.

My partner says pretty much all of these things about me aswell?? I get so jealous and I love being in control. Born 15th November Sara Morgan - Nov I have a porked up dark mind and into blood death and scary storys and I keep l lo ts of feelings in.. And im gonna be a scientist later. Im also very smart with money: Zeon - Oct 4: I born 18 Nov.. Proud to be scorpio! Vid - 6-Oct I jus read myself now!!

Not even a word s missing about myself.. Sumi - Sep 8: I'm a Scorpio as well. I shut people out quickly, my guard is always up. I'm always told that I'm cold hearted.. Five minutes ago I was crying, then I was laughing, then I was thinking about how we could be like characters in a tv shoe and even more in like five minutes Us Scorpios are so contradictory and the rest was so true.

What November’s Pisces Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Seriously, people at my school think I'm like a demon or something Some of these traits scare me It's like exactly like men Mememeallme - 6-Sep I'm 37 I was born on the 29th October Sometimes my traits sac are myself Krazy kate - 6-Sep I m Virgo,My Friend is Scorpio, when start Business I have earn, my poor friend is Scorpio i help him, but He is not share any matter with me, when come customer his eyes rolling Scorpion, i ignore and when my absence unnecessary against spoken me other market peoples,day by day my business back , after 15 year I know but he is jealous me.

I've never been superstitious but after reading this article I have to admit I know this person, it's me. I have been accused of all of these thing including being a mind reader. It's funny that my ex wife sent me this article too, lol.

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