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So harness that fire — fire signs are great for motivation, taking the initiative, being joyful, passionate. Thanks for this great article! Back in i was heartbroken over someone and hd no choice but to move on but i moved away and started university. I was hoping this eclipse might actually bring me a relationship that works! But also a new career!! Any insight? Thx again x. Good luck! Loved this article, thank you! Can you tell me how this eclipse may affect me?

Have been very emotional the past few days normal for a cancer ; and feel change coming. Eclipses bring change so if a relationship is wobbly, this may well be the time when it comes to an end. Hopefully what happens next will be right for you. I found your article incredible. During — , I got engaged in but never married him. Wedding was called off. Blessing in disguise. In — moved in with a love relationship. He was cheating and we broke up on June eclipse.

I see the theme for me would be love and relationships. Any insight would be appreciated. I believe my North Node is in Sag. I added this additional information after reading your replies to others. Learn from your past mistakes and do things differently this time around. Thank you for responding. My DOB is February 11, Please let me know your thoughts. The theme is always to close a door for a new door to open. Iam leo sun, scorpio ascending and i have my Mercury at 27 Leo 31 r in my 10th house, plus sun at 23 Leo 15 also in my 10th house and saturn at 2 virgo 34 also in my 10th house! I have been reading all the previous comments and is probably going to change something in my life!

Everything was up side down in my family! I managed to keep studying finished my degree in physiotherapy and in i married with my girlfriend that i was dating since january I got my 1st job which was very successfull till and after this there was some other turnarounds, i got dispapointed with my job and some superiors that moved in the company Back in and from i could see that it was time to leave! At this time my best friend died and that was very painfull! Then i started doing english lessons and decided to move to foreign country to do Medicine! I eventually got in medschool in and iam doctor since !

But in between, in i got divorced. Now i comeback to my country and iam working as doctor and 18 years later i have again the same cycle?! What should i expect now? I feel like i want to settle down find a life partner but at the same time i want to do my speciality and this moment feels like What should i do now? Something for sure is going to happen… and telling from the last 18 years, i can only say oh dear they were a lot of changes some of them amazing some of them tough and some very crazy!

Dear Sally The article and the discussions are very informative. I joined a new work team on Aug 1, Opportunity came out of nowhere. The old team I was in, I worked without recgnition for the past 5 yrs. Managers wanted me in their team and I had good reviews in writing. I was promised to get promotions but they never fruitioned. They fell apart due to restructuring or funding or given to staff under diversity category. So this year I have been digging escape tunnel. With the lunar eclipse, one team involvement came to a closure. Is there a go back?

Thank you for your thoughts. Eclipses are rarely about going backwards and it looks as if the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th is most important for you. The Ascendant represents your image, your profile, how other people see you. Relationships too are under the cosmic spotlight — what needs to change?

Your perception of who you are in some way? You have Jupiter moving into your sign of Scorpio in October where it remains for over a year. Hi Sally.. Hes an apprentice electrician. Seems like this eclipse is going to shake my life up. The only thing I can remember from eclipse of was that I was going to leave my job as an office manager and I changed my mind and continued working there. I ultimately left the job in after 15 years, but my husband still works there. That business is currently having much difficulty with the office manager. The eclipse on August 21st connects with lucky Jupiter in your chart.

Why not write a wish list of things you want next. Hello Sally I am excited to write you; plz, enlighten me: I have my natal sun in capricorn in conjunction with Jupiter and Leo ascendant moon in Scorpio. My question is being the sun the regent of Leo and at the same time my ascendant. How do you think the sun eclipse in oil affects me? I am currently living in a new country, where I moved to study Creative Writing and fulfill my dream — after postponing it for many years because of fear — of being a writer.

I also met someone special but he is younger than me and he is shy and I do not know if he is going to make a move or what. I am 32 and the years of and were catastrofics for my mental health. It took me 2 years to recover and for spiritual transformations. I feel blessed since last year with a lot more of peace of mind.

It sounds as if you are living your dream — Leo is the sign linked to creativity and joy and here you are in a new country studying Creative Writing and with a special love in your life. So enjoy what you have now you are at a more peaceful stage in your life. You also have Jupiter the Protector next to your Capricorn Sun, which is a positive connection too.

What degree is your Sun at, i. Hopefully, things will start to settle down for you soon. If that applies to you, then these eclipses are about change, a shift in destiny. I Sally im a Leo 11th of August Born at 11pm — Im actually surprised to see all these predictions and how things are working out, seeing how it relates. I have this really big trip on the 21st the eclipse day , im moving to Barcelona for six months to finish my last year of studies and I just have such a good feeling about everything.

Its definitely been a year of big changes. Focus on healing too, on a deep level. I am wondering what changes I would be looking at?

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Life has been very slow and unsteady for me this year I am losing hope in everything my dob is aug 12 hopefully the eclipse will bring some positivity? Your birthday too is twixt eclipses. In , Was taken by the government from my mom. I moved 3 times. To my favorite uncle, at the time, house and then to my aunts house where I am staying currently , a few of her children hated me, then my aunt became pregnant with twins and I had to move, I went to another aunt, none of these women had a good relationship with my mom… I had behavioral issues due to the separation.

That was a tough time for me. I got through it. I was only Unknowingly depressed and dealing with finical issues, my mom was dealing with sickness she lost a tip of her finger smh… I did gain really great friends during this time. Friends I still love and trust today. Had a lot of attention and romantically I got to know someone I still feel for today.

Last year eclipse I left from a some what toxic living situation. Not only were they toxic I feel like I was too.

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The day of the eclipse was the last day I had keys. It feels urgent, vital in some way now. Thank you for your comments. I love your articles. Born february 15th , sun in aquarius 26 degrees 18 and leo rising 27 degrees Wondering what theses eclipses will bring. Still looking for a job Thank you. Thanks so much for your response to my first question above. Do eclipse events happen immediately, or can they unfold over the course of the year following? I know you mentioned that this could be very transformational for me? Over the past two years I lost my mum and became estranged from my only sibling, so I really am alone to deal with life apart from my children.

I was in a similar place in , a very significant relationship had ended for me and I had just completed my degree. I worked so hard to train myself and get a job in those two years. It felt like a struggle and I was a little lost in direction but I got there in the end. Good luck with everything. You will have Jupiter over your Ascendant in the coming year which is often a blessing.

A positive attitude works well with Jupiter transits. Best wishes, Sally. This lunar eclipse is conjunct my Aqua ascendant with the moon trining my 14 Gem sun and the leo sun sextile my sun. There was a bit of an emotional outburst re the work side, and I am learning to play these situations with more wisdom, but the emphasis is on learning, as this is something I have noy yet mastered.

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I am now pondering this may be more extensive change than I had in mind! Certainly it seems as if the eclipse cycle is about change for you. Hope it goes well. Do what feels right. I was born February 10 in East Texas. I am an identical twin. Life has been in much disarray for most of our lives. However you do have some challenging transits behind you so hopefully you can start to turn things around. I share a story similar to yours. I too had a miscarriage in July and then a successful pregnancy. My elder daughter who was born in Sept , will go in college in Fall.

I also had started by first job in USA, in Nov In Feb , as you say a similarity of eclipse cycle, a big decision again. An Aries born on April 8th, Jobless since , but finishing doctorate with all the hurdles, in the world. I really need a job to survive. I am a regular at your website. I really appreciate your writing, I like the way you explain and keep touch with your readers.

Keep doing it. I see that you are on vacation. Enjoy the nice break! Please do not print my name on the first comment. I appreciate your help in keeping my privacy. You may find that this eclipse month brings in a new work opportunity. Follow up whatever comes in and be proactive. Can family or past connections help you in any way? That might be the answer. Best, Sally. Thank you for the reply. I hope, pass connections help. I have given all state exams for government job and trying since long in private but nothing has materialized since two years here. I wish to finish my doctorate too, now that I have invested my time, energy and money in it.

Thank you so much for this insightful article! Interestingly back in I was having one of the most amazing summers of my life. I was living in Geneva, working for a humanitarian organization, meeting people from around the workd, playing soccer and falling in love with an Italian man. When the summer came to an end I had to return to the US to finish my senior year at Duke. I will launch my career here. What a great story. It feels as if you are in tune with your stars.

Wishing you a wonderful revival on your solar eclipse Leo birthday.

Hi Things are crazy for my partner and me. He seems to be confused about us now. The solar eclipse on August 21 is most powerful for you and a major aspect a few days later for both of you. There has to be renewal in your relationship otherwise it could end then. You are very different as he is an emotional Pisces and you are a systematic Aquarius.

You need to meet in the middle somehow. Thank you for such a wonderful article! My bday is Nov 12, at pm. I have Leo on the ascendant at 5 degrees and Nessus at 26 degrees. My north node is in the 10th with Taurus almost conjunct a retrograde Pholus, Lilith is there at 18 degrees as well. The last few years of my life have been real awakeners. Diagnosed with Complex PTSD after a sexually and mentally torturous relationship, career as a massage therapist ended via being over worked with torn rotator cuff and Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder.

Ended engagement with fiancee a psychic said he is my twin soul , lost my job and had to move in with my disabled mothers who turns out is a part of my childhood trauma. I have a service dog now. During the worst of the ptsd, my body was refusing sleep and food. We both hope to reconnect at a later time. All that being said, the thing I want most in my life right now is me.

I love to write, decorate, music, fashion, makeup how very Leo of me lol. I want to express myself to the world, but not get wrapped up in the rat race. I want to create regularly. But not obsessively and painfully. And I want to stop thinking that my fiancee may read my posts at any time. I want to find and be me, unabashedly, healthily, for a good while. That was a novel, sorry. What a story. Scorpio is the survivor of the zodiac. Yes, you were born on a solar eclipse which often indicates a powerful destiny.

Plus, you have 5 planets in Scorpio all in the 4th house — home, family, past — so you are right to be delving deep to release any old pain or trauma. An equal relationship can help you counteract the difficulties you are facing. Maybe in a few years time. Will that have some additional significance?

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Also, I have met someone end of June that I will be seeing quite a bit of in August he currently lives in another city. I have not dated anyone seriously for a few years. Who knows? I am born Feb. Yes, I think this eclipse could be powerful for you as it looks as if Saturn is linked to your relationships. Events could escalate quickly.

Hi Sally I am rather new to your website and just starting to learn more about astrology. I have felt a really intense amount of emotion and pull around self-discovery, life change, and my current relationship. I am curious what this eclipse cycle could have in store for me personally as well as this relationship. Hi Lauren, the right astrological language is to say that you have Leo on the cusp of your second house, Aquarius on the cusp of your seventh house, etc.

The eclipse feels more powerful for you. This may be about asking for what you want or getting the balance right in your relationship. Mars is strong in both charts which rules desire and anger. If you argue a lot, how can you shift this in your relationship, is it an issue? Sally, Thank you for the reply as well as help with the language! I am still learning so that was perfect. Outside of the relationship I have been doing a lot of soul searching. In the relationship we definitely lack balance.

We love eachother very much but arguing is a massive issue for us. I feel I am at a crosdroad with him and unsure which way to go because I am not sure it will stabilize. So yes that does help! Hi Sally My birthday is 8. Try not to be fearful. You were born on a Full Moon and the eclipses are about relationships for you.

You have Jupiter next to the Sun so stay positive. This is a lucky influence. Thanks very much for your reply. Hi Sally. Thanks so much for your wonderful article! Pluto is at 28 degrees Leo. Thank you in advance! Hi Helen, they are both powerful for you and the whole combination feels transformative. Your ability to see the glass half full will help you. Thanks so much, Sally! Are events triggered right away or could the effects of the eclipses last all year?

They are not always exact as sometimes an eclipse is a catalyst for change so the big events can take place later, even a few months after. My birthday is August 22, I am wondering how the eclipse will affect me with it being so close to my birthday and with the corresponding signs. Thanks so much! This could be a powerful month for you as both eclipses trigger your natal planets. If u have a Gemini Ascendant Mercury is your ruling planet.

Think about what u need to do or say in order to shine brightly like your Leo Sun. Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Your thoughts make perfect sense seeing that I am in the middle of starting a business, am walking away from a long term toxic relationship, and my parents whom I am extremely close to are moving overseas in the next month.

I actually have a Taurus ascendant. Does that change anything? My sun is in Leo in the 6th house at 26 degrees, my boyfriend is an Aquarius sun in the 7th house at 29 degrees. We just moved in together this month. How might this eclipse effect us? You are opposites. You might need to find where you meet and what it takes to make each one happy. If there are big differences this will be where the challenge lies. Try to meet in the middle. Hello, In I was dying from a very rare, painful crippling illness that was misdiagnosed by the top medical centers in the country for over 5 years.

So he helped get a famous Oncologist in NYC to get me two rounds of nonFDA approved chemotherapy which after the second round worked to save my life and get a blood level antibody remission. The SPS damaged my muscles badly, so for the past 7 years I have been doing an intensive regimen of treatments to recover and heal. There is no meduvsl foundation to support SPS and I have no family to help so have been alone u safely fighting for my life to survive and make this recovery.

So I am praying that this eclipse with help bring full healing, money to help my basic life and health, good people, and friends around me for social support. Over the years I was robbed, abandoned by many people, have been trying to get support to make it through this and stay safe. Trying to stay positive for good things coming.

Hi Kelly, I am sorry to hear things have been tough for you. I often think eclipses are an opportunity to turn your situation around. Hi Sally, brilliant post as always. Nearly 20yrs I left home to start uni for 3yrs. Many thanks Sally. The eclipses are in Leo so not especially strong for your Cancer Ascendant. Enjoy Jupiter transit over your Sun Libra early September. Embrace new opportunities! Hi Sally, thank you so much for this article, I was born 12 February South Africa, somewhere after midnight. Both August eclipses are powerful for you. As you have Leo on the Midheaven you have every chance of finding a new job.

Could family help you in some way? Take note of what opportunities come in after the solar eclipse on August Hi Sally, I was wondering how this solar eclipse could bring. Venus and Saturn conjunct in 8th house natal. I have been unemployed for 11 years,single for 11 also. A relationship started but has been put on hold due to a third party leo refusing to let go. Have an exam coming up. Would be interested on any ideas you have. Eclipses are notorious for triangle situations, who or what will be eclipsed? Let it go or take a stand. Your exam will go well thanks to a great Jupiter transit.

I love your articles and look forward to reading your work. I was diagnosed with cancer last March and whilst on Chemotherapy I got pneumonia 8 weeks later…. Thanks again Sally! Xo from Canada. Hi Marty, I am sorry to hear things have been tough for you. It depends what degree your Moon is in Leo. The Moon represents your home, your inner needs so put yourself and what comforts you first before anything or anyone else. Hi Sally, great article, as usual.

Lanark scotland I have Venus. Now living in Spain Alicante retired. Last eclipse , big promotion at work meaning more money. Keep up your great work. Love is also a possibility with Venus involved. What will be revealed? Thanks so much for this. I have Leo in my 5th house at I have a Scorpio and Taurus ascending. Any insight on what to expect would be incredible — thank you! All the best,. Congratulations on your engagement. This might be about an unexpected opportunity for you. Hi thank you your article is very informative. My 51st Birthday is August 21st how will this eclipse effect me?

Hi Sandra, eclipses are game-changers. I have been interested in how this eclipse will impact my year. I was born on August 21, at PM. Over the past year, I have been working on learning mindfulness, meditation and general self help. I am hoping that these practices continue to bring me success this year. My best advice is find where you can shine in life. Be bold, take centre stage, celebrate being you. Sending positive birthday wishes, Sally. My birthday is on this upcoming solar eclipse and my rising sign is in Aquarius. I have been recovering from a series of events that had happened and I feel a big change coming.

So while I was at work I work as a security guard at an outdoor arena I asked if a particular event was going to happen, that I would see a female wearing a green scarf. It was close to degrees so I knew if I saw this it would be a sign. I felt like this was a big sign considering all of the factors like how hot it was, for example.

Also, yesterday I got my tarot cards read and they seem to coincide with what the aura reader had told me. I was wondering if you think this change will come with the solar eclipse since it is so powerful. Hi Erika, thank you for sharing your story. Yes, your ruling planet is the planet that rules the sign on your Ascendant.

You can only find it if you know your time of birth. As you have Aquarius on the Ascendant, your ruling planet is Saturn. Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius so you can look at this planet too. The solar eclipse is about relationships for you, someone new coming into your life. It might not happen straightaway but latest October.

Let me know if this is what happens. Hi Sally , I was born Bogota Colombia. Extremely challenging year , mother passed suddenly back in February , health issue with positives results for me. NOw going thru many economic uncertainties. Many many things going on for me now. Obviously born August 21 , I read eclipse may be good or really bad. Hi Claudia, I am sorry to hear you have had a tough year. My experience working with eclipses is that they often change the situation and the solar eclipse is a symbol of new beginnings, although often dramatic. So hopefully it can unlock some new options for you.

It might however take until the end of the year to feel as if you are starting over. I was impressed and amazed by your article. I was looking for information about this eclipse on August 21, and i find it! Thank you for all information. I follow astrology and I was asking me precisely how this eclipse will affect and influence my destiny? I am at a decisive moment in my life, for my creative job.

An eclipse is a beautiful celestial event that has been viewed for centuries as an omen of things to come in the future. Eclipses are celestial events that since the beginning of civilization have indicated change, opportunities and new beginnings. Eclipses involve the sun and the moon, so there is polarity. Because of this, there can be an opposite reaction where there are challenges and endings. A solar eclipse is a new moon and occurs when the shadow cast by the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. This happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth are nearly aligned in a straight line.

A lunar eclipse is a full moon and occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth into its shadow. This happens when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are very closely aligned, with Earth between the other two heavenly bodies. In ancient times, eclipse or believe to be omens of the future that foretold a future calamity or time of doom and darkness.

People in ancient times believed and eclipse was actually an evil spirit who attacked the sun and the moon. People would run away screaming at the spirits to go away and bang pots and drums to scare them off. In modern times, we understand the science behind it but people who are savvy and open to embrace the wisdom of the past know there is much to see beyond the science. Astrology was actually a science for centuries and was a required course to become a physician up until the late s. As far back as the ancient Babylonians and Mesopotamians eclipses have been recorded and observed throughout history often marking major events and changes in the world.

Often an eclipse can signal of the birth of a prominent person such as a member of royalty, a future world leader or scientific genius. And eclipse that is triggering and influencing the planets in your personal horoscope can bring a significant change to your life path. Find out how the eclipse is in will influence your personal planets with a. Personal Eclipse Reading for Heartfelt and Positive Reading. Such a heartfelt and positive reading when I needed guidance and positivity. Britney, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The energy from the eclipse in can impact an event triggering six months or so before and up to a year after in some cases than the actual event date.

The influences of each eclipse are different and they are all influenced by the major planets of the transits. If you have several planets being touched by this energy, especially your son, moon or ascendant, you will feel the effects stronger. Your body physically may become overheated, sweaty, shaky or feverish. Take it easy and remember this feeling is of a passing nature. Try not to give into fearful negative thoughts of your own mind.

Times shortly before and after an eclipse are very confusing and not a good time to make major life decisions. Eclipse can bring on an inferiority complex or unrealistic expectations especially a false sense of entitlement. To be truly special, one must be talented and exceptional in some way. In to stand out from the rest, you must truly be exceptional and put your heart into it. Avoid self-destructive habits especially with drugs and alcohol. Eclipse in especially full moon lunar eclipse can accelerate severe weather especially related to water.

There could be extra rain or snow fall associated around the time of the full moon eclipses as well as higher tides and risks from flooding. I Trust Her Wisdom. In a world where I have to work and provide for my family, where I have no parents or siblings who I can rely on. An eclipses energy can impact an event triggering 6 months or so before and up to a year after and in some cases even longer than the actual event date. One things for sure, when eclipses interact with your planets within a few degrees, they bring surprises and major life changes into your life for good or bad, like it or not.

Eclipse come in series known as Saros which is approximately months or about 18 years. The ancient Babylonians were the first to use the Saros cycle to predict eclipses. Archeologists have found clay cuneiform tablets that show Babylonians were the earliest known people to record an eclipse that took place on May 3, BCE. However, this eclipse is like a double-edged sword so to speak as there is intense dual energy at play.

Some unpleasant things that may happen are this energy brings health issues, major confusion or misunderstanding. Take care of your bones and teeth. The energy is ripe for deception, misrepresentation and missing facts. It is possible a prominent person will have a fall from grace. The energies are karmic and associated with past lives. Perhaps you will meet a shady person or be offered a shady deal. Much of the energy of this eclipse is with a serious Saturn vibe that is also highlighting leaders and the law. This could lead to topsy-turvy events involving criminal cases, lawsuits and courts. For some people, justice will be swift. For others, justice will turn a blind eye. You can help ease through these vibes with less stress by taking things in stride. You will get the best results by taking a mature, conservative approach with your best intentions and integrity sprinkled with a bit of sophistication.

Do you have a situation in your life that you would like some clarity with? How about a Psychic Reading to give you some insight and advice for your situation. Get a Psychic Reading. Pro Psychic Reading. I am very impressed by the accuracy and details of the information in my Psychic Reading from Lisa. I shall use the reading as an excellent reference source now when situations and life events prove challenging in the future. Many thanks. Predictions Predictions for I also feel that this year there could be more space related travel offered to the public as well as a boost to country space programs attempting to be the first to return to the moon since the s.

We could be advancing through major leaps and bounds. There could be amalgamations of large international companies where they come together to form a new super company. Building up and intensifying towards the end of , it is possible there will be a new very advanced form of communication or device for the purpose of communication that is revealed to the public. Severe weather especially an acceleration of seismic activity and major earthquakes.

Fracking consequences? I have many predictions for throughout this article and elsewhere on my websites. Expect to hear more and more news about space as the year goes on. There will also be discoveries from the ancient past. Something that has been a mystery for years in archeology may be revealed such as a new discovery in Egypt or some thought to be lost forever famous object will be discovered.

It could also be a long-lost city that perhaps was mentioned in the Bible. There may also be an ancient object discovered that adds to the proof that mankind has been visited by outer worldly or extraterrestrial beings in the past. I also feel that there will be more than one famous criminal cold case that new information comes to light. Also, the world could see the downfall of a major CEO with a major scandal and a sudden resignation. The eclipse is also aligned with the fixed star Vega which can be found in the constellation Lira the harp.

Hope for the best but prepare for the unexpected. People born with personal planets in cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn may be influenced the most by this energy. Expect a lot of drama around this time. This means that planet Venus has a special significance and colors the Eclipse, something that could among others signal:.

The list may go on with several other possible manifestations of the impact that this Total Lunar Eclipse may have on each of us, but I think that it is now clear how strong and catalytic, not only this one, but all eclipses are in astrological interpretation. It is an eclipse that requires from us to emotionally adjust to the situations that it will bring to the fore and that also requires special attention for two reasons. Neptune is making an inconjunct aspect with the Moon, which implies a lot of idealization and hypersensitivity in how we feel, and Venus is in a square aspect with Jupiter, so in any of the possible scenarios, we must be careful not to be greedy or vain and to also be prudent not to waste our money and feelings reserves, because we mistakenly think that everything is ideal or convenient.

Fortunately, Jupiter is very helpful at the same time, since, apart from the square that it makes with Venus, is also in a sextile aspect with Pluto and in a trine aspect with Chiron. Jupiter through these harmonic aspects gives us the opportunity to find the necessary psychological energy reserves to face what may have wounded us in the past and to heal. Jupiter makes us strong and effective to cope with the challenges and reversals that this eclipse may easily bring about if we do not act quickly and reasonably.