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Look what Keithey George the Damned 5 years ago. Mark Brandon ''Chopper'' Read Melbournecrime 11 years ago.

Just a slide show i made, pics of the real chopper from enjoy some good pics of him after being cut by jimmy. Chopper Reid talks to Eric Bana in a pre-production discussion about how Mark came to cut his ears off. Chopper Reid at the gym scootordie11 8 years ago. Chopper reid is at his Health Retreat Showing you good ways to get fit, showing you funny stretches etc. Chopper "The Movie" hungoverpuma 12 years ago. Chopper Reid's Girlfriend Bernie Zelvis 2 years ago. Chopper Reid's girlfriend spills all. What was it like having sex with him? All to be revealed On Chopper Reid's girlfriend Would Underbelly Files Part Link to PART Chopper Reid Fair Enough Teelo 7 years ago.

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Buona sera mrs. Captain marvel ,,Samuel L. Carambola ,Paul L. With figure print as well. Simon T. Welcome to the forum Pacifichrono. This oner again'still Wearing the vintage Omega I had it for trade on a couple of occasions but no-one wanted it. A bit of colour today Cheers, Nigel. Nice wide mix of watches so far chaps : For me it's an easy choice as I've been stunned at how nice this watch is John, is that a stop watch? For me, D2, since I'll be shedding. Found this one at the back of the draw..

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This one for me today, after all the Rolex debate :. Cheers, Daddel.

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Cheerio, Frank. This one today.

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Crappy picture cos taken at work, but wearing my vintage Omega on its new strap today. EZM-3 today! This one for me today, my only quartz, but I love the PVD'ed Ti, and accuracy is absolutely deadbang - no variance since I have had it. Looks good with a suit at work, or with jeans, glad I decided not to flip it For now :wink:. Cheerio, Frank Same here, the PRSA, no photo for me though since I don't have the camera at work, can't be bothered to get one with the mobile etc etc etc excuses I know Everyone there seems to be wearing a Rolex saw hundreds of them , Breitlings and Breitblings, Cartier etc.

The Precista stood its ground. Ahh absolute pleasure for a wannabe WIS

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